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S4 - Gratuitous Issue

  1. 1. IAW AR 700-84 Chapter 5/4, all soldiers that are medically evacuated due to injuries suffered in combat actions (OIF/OEF) and returned to the States without all or part of their military clothes are authorized to receive a partial gratuitous issue of his/her basic clothing bag items.
  2. 2. Warriors authorized to request Gratuitous issue must meet the minimum criteria before submitting a DA Form 3078. Enlisted Soldiers and Officers must be medically evacuated from the OIF/OEF Theater of operations, (i.e. IRAQ / Afghanistan), to a medical treatment facility due to injuries or illness are authorized to receive a gratuitous issue of uniform items.

The following procedures must be followed for the warrior to receive a gratuitous issue:

  1. The Soldiers should report to the S-4 with a copy of his Medical Evacuation Orders and complete DA Form 3078.
  2. The Squad leader should assist the warrior in attaining the appropriate paperwork and signatures on the DA Form 3078.
  3. The Soldiers may go to the Military Clothing Sales Store and receive their Bag Clothing Items or authorize the S4 to obtain their Bag Clothing Items.
  4. Bag Clothing Items received by the S4 will be secured in the S-4. The squad leader will be notified so that the soldier or a representative can sign for and receive these gratuitous issue items.
  5. The S-4 will provide the soldier with a copy of the DA Form 3078 with an attached original purchase receipt that has the store’s phone number on the soldiers copy. The S-4 will retain a copy of the DA Form 3078, and an original copy of the sales receipt in the soldiers file.
  6. When the soldier signs for his or her items, the S-4 will inform the soldier of the MCSS exchange policy for items that do not fit. The S-4 will also remind them that the Clothing and Sales Store will not exchange used or dirty boots.
  7. The squad leader or representative of the soldier receiving the gratuitous issue will be expected to sign for the gratuitous issue in the logbook indicating they have received the gratuitous issue for the soldier. At this time rank may be issued if the soldier is in need of it along with their name tags and a US flag patch.
  8. Warriors requiring alterations to their uniforms (ACU or PFU) will be directed the Occupational Therapist for assessment of their uniform requirements.