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WTB Charlie Company

Liberty Field
Companies Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie
3822 Scofield Dr.

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 0730 - 1700


  • Office: (210) 808-6675

Executive Officer

  • Office: (210) 808-6676

First Sergeant

  • Office: (210) 808-6677

Case Manager On Call

  • Pager: (210) 513-3153

Mission Statement

Provide command and control, primary care, case management, leadership, training, accountability, administration, professional development, health, safety, & welfare of Soldiers, Staff, & Families of Charlie Company Warrior Transition Battalion and to promote Soldiers timely return to the force or transition to a productive veteran in the community.


Staff, Soldiers and families' welfare will remain a primary priority. Leadership will be held to the highest standard. Continue to provide staff with the skills necessary to acclimatize every Soldier and family with care, compassion, education, training and benefits needed to function as a soldier or a civilian.

All staff will complete AMAP Certification requirements within 30 days of assignment into the WTB. Initial and quarterly counseling will be 100% administered and complete. Be predictable in all training and events. Allow for max time to plan.

Leadership will monitor the Soldiers' completion of annual training requirements to ensure timely compliance. C2 will continuously work with OT for maximum participation into the Work/Study Program. We will stand-up a Soldiers physical training program that will comply with each individuals personal profile. Careful monitoring of the TRIAD to ensure that Soldiers stay focused on their mission of healing.

Company Commander Welcome Letter

Welcome to Charlie Company - Warrior Transition Unit. We are profoundly pleased to serve you, and your family members, as you become part of our family as well. In your healing process we will help you with all the tools possible to make yours experience and your family a great one. Our main objective is to care of our Soldiers in the best compaction way. We are committed to work conscientiously to meet all your concerns and immediately medical, financial and spiritual needs. It is our opportunity to care for you and guide you through out this crucial and significant conversional period in your military or future civilian career. We will not stop working hard for you to establish confidence and trust between our team and you. While you here, you will have the opportunity to connect with your new Platoon Sergeant and Squad Leader, they will provide you with all the information necessary to succeed in our company; in the mean time you will meet with your Case Manager and Primary Care Manager as well for your social and health concerns. We are glad and welcome you once again to be among us, as part of our great team of professional soldiers. My door is always open and I am willing to assist you at any time and for any reason. I am very proud of my Company accomplishments on the daily basis and honored to be part of this great unit. Mustangs!!!


Family Members