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Animal Medical Service

Department of Clinical Investigation (DCI)


The mission of the Animal Medical Service is to assure the responsible use of animals in medical research and training and provide BAMC Staff with opportunities, technical support, and administration for biomedical research and training, using appropriate animal models while ensuring humane animal care and use. Animal Medical Service facilitates and supports the entire process of research approval including research proposal preparation, submission, review, and monitoring of approved research, by providing program administration, education and consultation for all research activities at BAMC. The Animal Medical Service supports Graduate Medical Education (GME) and other professional health education, ultimately facilitating improvements to health care and the introduction of new technology. All animal research at BAMC is performed strictly under an Animal Research Protocol, approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).


Life Cycle of an Animal Research Protocol

Points of Contact

Attending Veterinarian (210) 539-1264

Program Manager for Animal Research (210) 539-5120

IACUC Chair (210) 916-3761