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DCI Research Service

Department of Clinical Investigation (DCI)


The mission of SAMMC DCI Research Service is to promote, coordinate, support and oversee organized scientific inquiry in basic laboratory research, clinical research, and pre-clinical research using human and animal subjects at SAMMC and the Southern Regional Medical Command (SRMC). The DCI Research Service also supports graduate medical education (GME) by encouraging and supporting research that includes residents at SAMMC. The DCI Research Service staff includes physiologists, biochemists, cellular biologists, immunologists, and a veterinarian, all with research experience including designing and executing research proposals and publication of results in peer-reviewed journals. These individuals are available by appointment to aid in research guidance and support. DCI Research service can be broken down into three categories: human research, animal research, and laboratory research. Guidance for conducting each type of research can be found on the respective pages.

Resident Research

Part of the DCI's mission is to support GME. Specifically, the DCI desires to get residents involved in research. Intramural funding up to $7500 per year may be available for research projects that involve resident participation. Any resident interested in research is encouraged to contact the DCI Office of Finance & Grant Management, Laboratory or Biological Research Service to receive further guidance and support.

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Points of Contact

DCI Front Desk (210) 916-0607

Research Consultation / Questions on Accessing Services
(210) 292-3939 (59 MDW/ST Research Cell)
(210) 292-5203 (59 MDW CRD)
(210) 513-9135 (SAMMC pager)

Laboratory Research Service (210) 916-1353

Biological Research Service (210) 916-9193