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Finance & Grant Management

Department of Clinical Investigation (DCI)


The mission of the Clinical Research Office of Finance and Grant Management (OFGM) is to provide fiscal administration of grants, gifts and contracts in support of clinical investigations at SAMMC and other Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) in the Southern Regional Medical Command (SRMC). The OFGM provide principal investigators (PIs) administrative and technical assistance in planning, receiving, implementing and closing out grant, gift and contract awards to ensure efficiency and compliance in meeting federal laws and institutional rules and regulations. The Contract Officer Representative (COR) offers contract management services and liaison between the Southern Regional Contracting Office and the selected vendor. The OFGM also works with the Henry M. Jackson and Geneva Foundations to manage extramural funding received by PIs. The Department of Clinical Investigation also supports research through its intramural funding program to help Investigators conduct pilot or smaller-scale studies. The Clinical Investigation Committee (CIC) makes the decision about intramural funding awards based on merit. Currently, funding is limited to $7,500 per fiscal year per protocol for a maximum of $15,000 for two years, and is based on availability at the time of request.

Personnel & Services Provided

Financial Management Analyst
Provides financial administration of funds to include receipt and management. Assists with contractual processes.

Contracting Officers Representative (COR) & Administrative Officer
Acts as the Department of Clinical Investigation's COR for contracts initiated by DCI to fulfill procurement requirements of the department and supported research projects.

Grant and Gift Coordinator
Provides grant management of awards. Prepares and processes legal instruments for receipt of funds and/or resources for BAMC and other MTFs in the SRMC. Assists with Grant Budget preparation. Provides accounting for grant expenditures.

Accounting Technician
Receives and processes requests for Gifts of Travel for BAMC staff. Assures that gifts follow the Guidelines pursuant to 31 U.S.C. 1353.

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Points of Contact

Financial Management Analyst (210) 916-5280

Grant and Gift Coordinator (210) 916-0613

Accounting Technician (210) 916-0605

Contracting Officers Representative (COR) & Administrative Officer (210) 916-3511