Diagnostic Radiology Residency Overview

Radiology residents have 2 hours of conference each day, consisting of daily morning case-based conferences and noon didactic lectures shared by the SAUSHEC and UTHSCSA faculty three days per week. In addition, we host a strong non-imaging curriculum, MRI club, quality meeting, journal club and difficult case conference series during the noon hour two days per week. Each academic month (13 four-week blocks), the VTC curriculum is devoted to a different subspecialty in radiology. The daily morning conferences encompass all of the radiology subspecialties, and are conducted in a structured format throughout the year to include an equal distribution among all of the nine core radiology disciplines. We are fortunate to have several nationally known consultant radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians supplement our lecture series throughout the year.

In addition to didactic radiology conferences, residents attend and participate in numerous clinical conferences and tumor boards, including chest, neurology, neurosurgery, ENT and ophthalmology.

Each department maintains its own resident library and teaching aids. Residents are provided with their own tablet laptops at the beginning of residency. Desktop computers with internet access are also available at every radiology PACS workstation, allowing seamless access to learning resources.