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Army Secure Messaging (RelayHealth)

RelayHealth is a secure message management Service that is used to support APCMH. One of the tenets of APCMH is to provide the patient an alternate way to communicate with the Medical Home to avoid unnecessary trips to the clinic for administrative issues or to obtain information. RelayHealth has a secure server that allows confidential information to be exchanged between a patient and their PCM without fear of interception by unintended recipients.

RelayHealth offers much more than just a way to message your Medical Home. It is also a way to request appointments and medication renewals, ask questions of either the Medical Home Nurse or PCM, and to receive reminders of future appointments or scheduled testing. Enrollees have access to information specific to their interest or condition—there are approximately 5000 patient information handouts available to search at leisure. It is also a way for the Medical Home to send important information to the patient population (such as when flu immunizations are available or to announce dates when the clinic is closed).

To Enroll in RelayHealth, ask the front desk or screening nurse when you come in for a visit, or go to the CARES Booth across from the Pharmacy in the Medical Mall at BAMC. In order to enroll you will need to be a patient at one of the San Antonio Military Treatment Facilities (any medical clinic associated with BAMC, WHASC or Randolph), show your Military ID, and provide an e-mail address. After you are enrolled, the team at RelayHealth will contact you to obtain permission from you to activate your account. Once that is done, you can use the service as often as you'd like and there is no cost to you. Ask the clinic staff if you have questions.

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