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Military Processing Operations (MILPO)

Welcome to the web page of the BAMC Military Processing Operations (MILPO) section. The MILPO responsibilities include Awards processing, Evaluations, Promotions and Officer Actions. The MILPO processes and monitors the timeliness and accuracy of all documents processed.


Recognizing soldiers for a job well done is very important to fostering a healthy culture and improving employee morale. Everyone likes to be told they have done a good job. It is a supervisor's job to make sure this is done in a timely manner. Soldiers who are leaving BAMC should receive their award BEFORE they leave. If a soldier receives his or her award in the mail after they have left it sends a clear message their service was not that important to BAMC leadership.

Officer and Noncommissioned Officer Evaluations

The mission of the Evaluation Reporting (ER) system is to provide information to the selection boards and assignment managers for use in making personnel management decisions. The ER is an assessment tool for rating officials to give shape and direction to the Soldier’s performance and potential.

Enlisted Promotions

Good to know "Enlisted Promotion Timelines":

Contact Information

Other Officer Actions

Officer actions includes but is not limited to Requests for Resignations (REFRAD), Retirement Request and Special Pays.

POC: 210-916-4228 (G1)