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Equal Opportunity (EO) Program
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program

Location: SAMMC Consolidated Tower, Lower Level (Room TG-L39)

FT Sam Houston EEO
4100 Stanley Road
Sam Houston, TX
Phone: 210-221-0322
DSN: 471-0322

BAMC EO Advisor
Phone: 210-916-5991
Cell: 210-413-0653

Phone: 210-916-7365
Cell: 210-413-7181


Effectively and efficiently enhance readiness by promoting and fostering an equal opportunity environment that ensures quality healthcare to patients, while creating an atmosphere that supports and encourage fair treatment of all employees based solely on merit, fitness, capability, and potential.


To ensure everyone will be given every opportunity to develop professionally and personally, free from prejudice and discrimination. Leaders will ensure the command climate encourages everyone to freely identify and report discrimination without the threat of intimidation or reprisal. Everyone is expected to take swift and positive steps to help eradicate bias behaviors and discriminatory practices.

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