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  • TRICARE On-Line (TOL): Register and conveniently schedule your primary care appointments online at Tricare Online

Location: Fort Sam Houston Clinic - Building 1179, 1st Floor

Humana Military Healthcare Services: 1-800-444-5445
Appointments: (210) 916-9900

The Consult Appointment Management Office (CAMO) will assist you with your appointment needs.

Owned by the regional Managed Care Support Contractor, the TSC is there to assist with TRICARE Prime enrollment, locating civilian providers, civilian referrals and claims, plus provides overall TRICARE program and benefit information.


Is the managed care option (Health Maintenance Organization - HMO). Prime is the most innovative change in our health care delivery. Prime requires enrollment, but family members of active duty personnel pay no enrollment premium. Retirees and their families who are under age 65 are eligible for TRICARE Prime and pay an annual enrollment premium of $230 per individual or $460 for the entire family. Under Prime, enrollees select a Primary Care Manager (PCM) who will provide primary care and coordinate all other health care needs. You may select a civilian PCM or one from participating military medical treatment facilities. BAMC strongly advocates TRICARE Prime, and we offer you the following Prime clinics as your Primary Care Manager.

If you choose TRICARE Prime, there is no requirement to enroll every family member, and, if you wish, you may select a different Primary Care Manager for each family member who enrolls.


TRICARE Standard,the old CHAMPUS, is the indemnity insurance plan that enables beneficiaries the maximum freedom of choice of health care providers. There are no changes other than the name. There is no enrollment required. You pay no premiums for TRICARE Standard. It is a benefit you have earned. However, there are deductibles and cost shares when using TRICARE Standard, and it may be the most costly option for you.


TRICARE Extra is similar to TRICARE Standard, but you have the option of choosing from a list of civilian health care providers (a Preferred Provider Network) who have agreed to provide care to beneficiaries at a negotiated rate. If you choose to use a TRICARE Extra provider, you receive a 5% discount on your cost share, and your provider will process all claims documents. As in TRICARE Standard, there is no enrollment and you pay no premium.