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TRICARE Information



  • TRICARE On-Line (TOL): Register and conveniently schedule your primary care appointments online at Tricare Online


Hours of Operation: 0630 1630 on duty days

Phone: (210) 916-9900 or (800) 443-2262
Best Time to Call: to arrange a routine, referral, or specialty appointment is after 1000 Tuesday through Friday

On weekends and after hours please call (800) 443-2262

Make An Appointment

The Consult Appointment Management Office (CAMO) will assist you with your appointment needs.

Scheduling Appointments

  1. Consult and Appointment Management Office (CAMO): call (210) 916-9900 during clinic hours, 0700-1600. You can also call the CAMO to check on the status of a referral submitted by your Primary Care Manager.
  2. San Antonio Patient Assistance Line: call (800) 443-2262 to access care after hours during the weekdays (1600-0700), 24 hours on weekends and on federal holidays.

Access to Care Standards (ATC)

Access to Care Standards (ATC) is the time period within which you should receive care for injury or illness. ATC Standards at BAMC are as follows:

  1. Urgent Care (Acute): illness or injury that has the potential to worsen if professional medical care is not received within 24 hours.
    » ATC Standard: within 24 hours
  2. Routine Primary Care: includes general office visits for the treatment of symptoms of chronic illnesses and diseases and re-evaluation care for an ongoing medical condition.
    » ATC Standard: within 7 days
  3. Established Primary Care: Routine care which includes preventive care measures to help keep you healthy and follow-up care.
    » ATC Standard: no time limit
  4. Specialty Care: focuses on a specific area of medicine e.g. Orthopedics, generally defined as care that a primary care manager is not able to provide.
    » ATC Standard: within 28 days