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Services Offered

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician

Treats and manages the symptoms specific to traumatic brain injury, along with other diagnoses that may result in functional loss.

Nurse Practioner and Physician Assistant

Provide the initial evaluation as well as help coordinate and provide treatment for a variety of problems that may occur after brain injury.


Evaluates cognitive abilities (such as memory), changes in behavior and thinking skills. Provides education and counseling during the recovery process.


Provides counseling services to achieve optimal psychological and social functioning, to improve coping and adjustment to injury.

Clinical Pharmacologist

Provides medication evaluation and develops medicine management plans for treatment throughout the rehabilitative process.

Occupational Therapist

Assesses and provides treatment for possible complications related to cognition, vision, and perception specifically related to self care, home management and vocational tasks.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Assesses and treats individuals with speech-language and cognitive-linguistic deficits to include: memory, attention, pragmatics, problem-solving and executive functions (organization and planning).

Physical Therapy

Utilizes multiple techniques with an individualized plan in order to decrease pain, improve functional range of motion, strength, balance and coordination and thus improve safety and quality of mobility.

Recreational Therapist

Provides recreational instruction to promote positive attitudes toward leisure, recognize the benefits of leisure, develop skills necessary for recreation participation, increase knowledge of recreation resources, and improve attitudes and skills that facilitate independent, satisfying leisure experiences.

Case Manager

Coordinates housing and all medical appointments, and coordinates transfer to the home station or medical treatment facility closest to home.

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center

The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) completes the initial screening of possible TBI patients and addresses the educational needs of providers, patients and their families.