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Wounded Warrior Therapy

The wounded warrior population requires a unique combination of medical nutrition therapies that BAMC dietitians offer. Patient referrals for nutritional counseling include:

Active Duty personnel assigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) and their dependents must have a consult from their primary care manager (PCM) that refers them to a Registered Dietitian. The Nutrition Clinic will contact the personnel after receiving the referral and schedule a 45 minute initial appointment within seven days.

WTB personnel and their dependents check in for their nutrition appointments on the 5th floor of the SAMMC Bed Tower, room 513-7 (north of the visitor elevators). The Nutrition Specialist will then direct the patients to the dietitian's office.

Consults for WTB personnel who are patients at the Center for the Intrepid (CFI) are processed by their case manager. CFI case managers schedule nutrition appointments with the Nutrition Clinic after they review the consult. They may call the nutrition consult manager at (210) 916-7261 to request an initial or follow up appointment between 1300-1600 on Monday afternoons. The clinic will arrange a time preferred by the case manager between those hours with the CFI support dietitian on an as-needed basis for the following Monday.

CFI patients check in for their nutrition appointments with the main receptionist on the ground floor at the CFI, or with the 3rd floor receptionist. The dietitian will escort the patient to the appointment office.

For any questions, please call the Nutrition Clinic at (210) 916-7621.