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Retail Foodservice – SAMMC Tower

Rucksack Grab 'N' Go

CoTo Grab N Go Sign

Location: SAMMC New Tower South Entrance
Hours of Operation: 24 Hours
Seating Capacity: 50 + patio seats

Drop in to the new 24-hour Rucksack Grab 'N' Go. Or grab and stay if you wish! Enjoy Seattle's Best hot coffee, freshly stuffed sandwich wraps, a cool beverage selection, and so much more. Lounge on the patio and enjoy the outdoor views of the tailored grounds of MEDCOM's flag-ship Medical Center.

No cash on hand? No problem. The Grab 'N' Go accepts credit cards. Convenience and speed are the main attraction here, no matter what time of day or night.

We serve all staff and visitors, along with ambulatory and Emergency Care patients around the clock, seven days a week!

Café Express

Location: SAMMC New Tower Pediatric Wing
Hours of Operation: 0600-0930, 1100-1430, 1600-1830 Mon-Fri
Seating Capacity: 75 indoors

Fresh fare is featured here, as in fresh fruit, fresh salad, and freshly made meals! So why brown-bag it to work? The new SAMMC New Tower food court houses four different stations with distinctive menus, made quick and fresh right in front of you.

Grill Sergeant Sign

The Bronze Star Deli serves up thick, hardy sandwiches with healthful sides. Or enjoy our popular pizza and pasta bar any day of the week at the Doughboys Pizza station. No getting smoked at the Grill Sergeant Bistro, which serves up made-to-order burgers and oven-fried favorites. And drop by the Welcome Home station for traditional, home-style cooking.

Got empty pockets? Your credit card works here too!