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Outpatient Appointments & Classes

Outpatient Nutrition Referrals and Classes

Your Primary Care Manager (PCM) may place a referral for outpatient nutrition services upon the patient's request. Referrals for group session are offered for the following conditions: Prediabetes, Newly Diagnosed Diabetes, Bariatric Surgery, Kidney Disease, Weight Loss, and HIV. Patients with any other diet-related condition may schedule an individual appointment with a consult by your PCM. Initial appointments are booked through the Central Appointment Management Office by calling the appointment line at (210) 916-9900, or by calling the Nutrition Clinic directly at (210) 808-3609/2232. Patients requesting an appointment for weight loss or sport nutrition do not need a referral from their PCM. They can just call our clinic directly. If you are not sure, please call our clinic and we will facilitate getting you an appointment. You may also stop by our front desk on the first floor of the Jennifer Moreno Primary Care Clinic, bldg 1179, located on the corner of Garden and Schofield.

Group sessions offered every month by the Nutrition Clinic dietitians consist of the following:

Group Sessions: Consult:
Diabetes Management (3-part session) Diabetes Education
Pre-Diabetes Management Prediabetes Education
Bariatric Diet and Weight Loss Bariatric Clinic
Kidney Disease Nutrition Management Kidney Disease Nutrition Education
Civilian Weight Loss Class: "Weigh for Health" 2-part Nutrition Clinic (or self-refer)
MilitaryMOVE! 3-part Session for weight control (active duty personnel only) Nutrition Clinic (or self-refer)
HIV Nutrition HIV Clinic

Patients are encouraged to schedule follow-up individual appointments with dietitians after attending any group session. For questions, call the Nutrition Clinic at (210) 808-3609/2232.