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Vision, Mission, Goals


Through collaboration of our multi-disciplinary team and the Brooke Army Medical Center, the PEAK Program will empower all asthmatic beneficiaries and their families to control and self manage their asthma.


The PEAK Program will provide the highest quality, up-to-date, integrated, and research-evidence based asthma education and care to asthmatic beneficiaries and their families or significant others.

The PEAK Program will foster a partnership with the asthmatic beneficiary, family or significant others, and the multidisciplinary healthcare team.

The PEAK Program will maintain a dynamic state to allow for growth and expansion with new asthma information and management technologies as they become available.

The PEAK Program will participate in and provide research and evidence based practice related to asthma self management and quality of life issues.

The PEAK Program will collaborate with other San Antonio area, regional and national asthma education programs to increase community awareness and education about asthma and its management.

The PEAK Program will accentuate Great Plains Regional Medical Command, DOD and VA asthma initiatives.


Set the standard for delivery of asthma self management education within the Great Plains Regional Medical Command.

Asthmatic beneficiaries and their families empowered as active team members in the medical and self management of their asthma.

Asthmatic beneficiaries with well controlled asthma as evidenced by regular participation in exercise or sports programs; minimal asthma exacerbations; decreased urgent care or emergency room visits; decreased hospital admissions; decreased work or school days missed; and near normal lung functions.

Development and implementation of asthma initiatives designed to enhance the control, self management, and quality of life of our asthma beneficiaries.

Collect outcomes data for utilization in the development and design of research and evidenced based studies relevant to asthma education, self management and quality of life issues.

Consistent involvement and collaboration with local San Antonio area, regional and national asthma education programs marketing asthma awareness and education.