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Asthma Basics: Traveling with Asthma

In planning for your vacation, remember to always include preparations for your asthma management. Managing your asthma does not stop just because you are on vacation. It's even more important to keep your asthma controlled while on vacation and traveling so you can remain active and involved in all activities!

Medications and Medical Care

Visit your primary care provider well in advance of your trip to ensure that your asthma is under good control and to ask about any special precautions and medications needed.

Be sure to pack your TRICARE Prime enrollment card(s). If you are going to be traveling into an area where military treatment facilities are not available, then consider contacting your TRICARE regional contractor prior to departing and obtain a list of names and telephone numbers of approved network providers in the area to which you are traveling. Having this information available ahead of time may save you some valuable time should you need urgent or routine medical care during your trip. Be sure to contact your Primary Care Provider (PCM) for authorization prior to seeking urgent or routine medical care while traveling in order to avoid paying a higher cost-share and deductible.

TRICARE South Region Contractor: 1-800-444-5445