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Asthma Basics: Control

Keeping your asthma in control will allow you (or your asthmatic child) to enjoy an active life, sleep better, and breathe easier. By controlling your asthma, you will help to reduce your number of emergency room visits, hospital admissions, and missed days from school or work. Parents of asthmatic children not only have to be concerned about missed school days for their child, but also face loss of time from work for themselves. This can make a big impact over time. Also, by keeping your (or your child's) asthma under control, you will reduce the chance of having permanent remodeling of your (or your asthmatic child's) airways. This remodeling can make it very difficult to treat asthma over time. However, the greatest benefit gained from controlling your (or your child's) asthma is that it will lower the risk that you (or your child) will die of asthma!

So, don't give up when you are facing difficulty getting your (or your child's) asthma under control! Working with your health care team, the right plan can be developed to get your (or your child's) asthma under control! It does take time and effort to control asthma, but the benefits to you (or your asthmatic child) are well worth it!

To find out if you are in control of your asthma, take the Asthma Control Test Asthma Control Test.