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Suicide Prevention Month Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if a service member’s suicide risk assessment indicates an elevated risk for suicide?
If there is an immediate danger to the service member or to others, escort the service member to the SAMMC Emergency Department immediately, ensuring that unit personnel are available to remain with the service member until completion of the evaluation. If there is an increased concern but it does not constitute an emergency, or if you are unsure if it is an emergency, service members may walk in during duty hours to the Multi-Disciplinary Behavioral Health Clinic (permanent party) or the Campus Behavioral Health Service (trainees). Contact information for these services is available on the virtual terrain walk linked to the Suicide Prevention page and on the BAMC Behavioral Health Department home page. No referral is necessary for a service member to access behavioral health services at BAMC.

What resources are available at Fort Sam Houston to assist service members, families, and DA civilians who are having difficulties?
The virtual terrain walk linked to the Suicide Prevention page provides locations of and information about many resources available locally. In addition, there is a section of the Suicide Prevention page devoted to other resources, agencies, and programs as well. There is even a link to a printable file containing the same information.

How do I request a Command Directed Mental Health Evaluation?
Please refer to the Command Directed Mental Health Evaluations section of the Ready & Resilient page for specific guidance on when and how to request a Command Directed Mental Health Evaluation. There you will find a presentation detailing the process, a helpful decision tree to assist in determining the actions you must take, and templates for the necessary documentation to request the evaluation.

I am a family member of an active duty service member. Are there behavioral health services available for me?
While BAMC Behavioral Health Services primarily serve active duty service members, all beneficiaries who have urgent behavioral health needs will be evaluated and assisted in accessing behavioral health services in the TriCare network. Beneficiaries who need immediate assistance may present to the SAMMC Emergency Department any time or walk in to the Multi-Disciplinary Behavioral Health Clinic Monday through Friday from 0730-1630 for evaluation. In addition, Social Work Services (co-located with WBHS) provides marital and family counseling services for family members of active duty service members. The Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Service provides beneficiaries under the age of 18 a full range of services. Other resources at Fort Sam Houston also may be helpful for family members, including Military Family Life Consultants, the Chaplain Family Life Center, Military OneSource, and Army Community Service. Information on all of these resources may be found in the virtual terrain walk and on the Guide to Behavioral Health Resources page linked to the Suicide Prevention main page.

I am a DA or DoD civilian. Where can I access behavioral health services?
Many of the resources on the virtual terrain walk are available to federal employees as well as to active duty service members. In addition, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) exists to provide civilian employees with confidential referrals to agencies that can provide assistance for problems that can affect the employees’ performance. Employee problems can range from emotional, psychological, psychiatric, stress related, substance dependence, or other challenges. The confidentiality of individuals using the program is carefully protected. No information is furnished to employers, unions, or other individuals without the express, written permission of the participating client. Fort Sam Houston EAP can be reached at (210) 221-0133. The EAP information page online is http://samhouston.army.mil/hra/asap/EAP_Training.aspx