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Suicide Prevention Month

"Enhancing Resiliency - Strengthening Our Professionals"

Suicides are occurring across every segment of the force Active, Guard and Reserve; officers and enlisted Soldiers; deployed, non-deployed, and those who have not yet been deployed. In a Tri-signed letter to the force, Army Senior Leaders, emphasize that, "Leaders at all levels must underscore the importance of awareness, education and training as a way to increase the resiliency and strength of our Soliders, Civilians, and Families."

During Suicide Prevention Month, and throughout the year, Leaders at all levels should take steps to ensure the health and safety of the Force. Leaders should conduct Leader-led Discussions with subordinates, advise subordinates of locally available resources, and perform risk assessment screenings and appropriate counseling. www.preventsuicide.army.mil.

Behavioral Health Resources to Support Leaders

Support for Leader-led Discussions

The Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) can support local units in meeting these requirements. BAMC DBH can provide subject matter experts (SMEs) to support Leader-led Discussions. SMEs can be requested by calling (210) 539-9589 and (210) 539-9567.

Locally Available Resources

This web site provides a listing of local services, a printable file, and a Virtual Terrain Walk. Documents to support risk assessment screening and counseling are also available.

Accessing Behavioral Health Resources

There is an ongoing requirement to conduct risk assessment screenings. Refer to your local unit guidance for specific procedures to follow and risk assessment tools or methods to utilize.

If a service member is deemed to be at elevated risk or if a leader develops increased concern for the wellbeing of a service member, behavioral health services are available to assist in addressing those risk and concerns. For a full description of the services available at Fort Sam Houston, see the virtual terrain walk linked to this page.

Emergency access to behavioral health services in the case of imminent danger to self or others may be obtained through the SAMMC Emergency Department. Leaders should ensure that service members in this situation have an escort who can remain with the service member at the Emergency Department until the evaluation is complete.

Urgent access to behavioral health services, in the case of a service member who screens at an elevated risk or about whom a leader, commander, or the service member themself has increased concern, walk-in assessments are available at both the Multi-Disciplinary Behavioral Health Clinic and the Campus Behavioral Health Service during duty hours.

Routine access to behavioral health services may be initiated through calling the appropriate clinic to schedule a routine appointment. Most routine appointments will be scheduled within one to two weeks.

Permanent Party Service Members

Multi-Disciplinary Behavioral Health Clinic: (210) 539-9589 or (210) 539-9567
Location: 4178 Petroleum Drive, Bldg. 3528-R
Mon Fri 0730-1630; Walk-In Services available during duty hours

Trainee Service Members

Campus Behavioral Health Service: (210) 808-2534/2584
Location: CPT Jennifer M. Moreno Primary Care Clinic (2nd Floor)
Mon Fri 0600-1500; Walk-In Services available during duty hours

Commanders should remember that unless a Command Directed Mental Health Evaluation (CDMHE) is requested, behavioral health providers will respect the right of the service member to maintain confidentiality with their provider and feedback to command will be very limited. Only issues concerning dangerousness or fitness for duty will generally be forwarded to command when a service member self-refers (without a request for a CDMHE). If a greater degree of feedback or answers to specific questions are desired, a CDMHE is necessary.

Refer to the linked documents for assistance in initiating a Command Directed Mental Health Evaluation (CDMHE).